Our Company

Ronrun thinks that ideal commercial retail store should include a penetrating insight into the nature and the trend of industry, fully understanding of core customers’ emotion and consumption behavior, business efficiency which is higher than other competitors in a specific business cost. The soul of the growth of enterprise value is to insist honesty, professionality and constant creativity based on market demand. Choosing Ronrun is not only simply choosing a service company but also choosing to go forward with a group of thinkers together.

Focus on commercial space design and showcase manufacture

Guangzhou Ronrun Showcase Manufacture Co.,Ltd (aka ‘Ronrun’) was established in 2000. The head office is located in Guangzhou, China. It concentrates on retail commercial space design, furniture manufacture (business showcase, hotel furniture, creative office furniture). Ronrun has 23-year professional experience in commercial space design and manufacture of high-end showcase and furniture, offering qualified service to famous luxury brands, jewelry brands, museums in a long term. So far, it has already served over 80 countries and areas in the world. There are lots of permanent personnel in southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia and specific areas such as Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. Installation service can be provided in US and other areas.

Top design capacity and rich professional market experience

Ronrun is consist of a professional team with over 30 top well-experienced designers supervised by a famous French Designer—Gary. They deeply understand the design output of SI and VI system and know the latest trend of industrial design in the world. They are good at meeting the clients’ demands and perfectly compromising different cultures, international fashion trend and design, which offers varieties of design in different styles.

With 23-year experience and cooperation with over 80 countries and over 2000 brands, Ronrun has collected rich experience in project operation, which can easily master different clients’ demands of commercial space design and showcase design and manufacture in different areas. Ronrun has profound understanding and experience in compromising retail commercial space construction, brand interpretation and scene marketing.

Large manufacturing factory, perfect pursuit of quality

Ronrun has 10,000 m2 large furniture and showcase manufacturing factory and 100,000-dust-free-omnibearing class supporting workshop, equipped with modern facilities such as shearing machines, bending machines, laser cutting machines and so on, realizing manufacture on a large scale. Over 100 professional 10-year experienced senior technicians can easily handle varieties of processing technology of wood, stone, stainless steel, glass and so on, realizing the production automation, informatization, fine and customization.

Ronrun treats QUALITY as the life of company, not only strictly carrying out the internal quality management and supervision system,but also global sourcing all raw materials. Premium hardware accessories from Germany, competitive wood from Southeast Asia and North America, world famous environment-friendly plates brand, lighting, paint, ultra clear tempered glass, intelligent office equipment, all of them promotes the quality and environmental protection of the products from Ronrun, meeting clients’ demands of competitive products.

Whole industry chain, grouping ALL-IN-ONE service

Ronrun has a whole industry chain, equipped with complete Talent Disposition of project management, market research, brand consultation, space design, showcase customizing, decoration and construction, display instruction and print advertisement, offering clients grouping ALL-IN-ONE service. Rich industrial experience can also make you avoid some risks in specialized field. Our construction team “Zhurun Decoration (over 300 construction workers)” can ensure the completion of the high efficiency in store construction.

Honesty makes brand. Profession wins respect. We persistently offer systematic and professional service in your pursuit of excellence, realizing self-improvement and self-exceeding!