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  • High-Quality Hardware Accessories, makes the crowning touch to your showcase 

    When choosing showcases, many people are only focus on style and color, ignoring the choices of hardware accessories. In fact, hardware accessories are the key parts of components. They influence directly on overall quality, user experience and service life of showcases. In addition, the hardware accessories of showcase play a significant helping role in “Aesthetic Decoration”.


    Ronrun is good at matching different excellent hardware accessories according to various styles of showcase. We also concern about clients’ practicability and the demands of promoting the brand image.


  • Door Hinge : Hafele Germany, Hettich Germany

    Ronrun uses Hafele Germany, Hettich Germany, DongTai and other famous brands of door hinge, making open and close more smoothly in daily use. The resilience force is much softer so that the showcase is much stronger!

    Stronger hinge and softer resilience force

    Door hinges with different quality have obviously different hand-feel. The power of using high-quality door hinges is soft. It will automatically rebound in 15°and the elasticity is very uniform. However, low-quality hinges is totally different, which is easy to fall off and reduce service life. First of all, excellent door hinges use good steels. Almost all famous brands use cold rolled steel with perfect thickness and toughness. The multilateration of good door hinges can stop in any angle when opening, easy to open, soft closing, safely use, especially important to lifting type hanging cabinets. 

  • Lockset: More Secure, More Beautiful, More Intelligent

    Precious products should put in a safe place, so high-quality lockset means a lot to showcase. Moreover, showcase lockset not only is a protective article, but also plays an important role in ‘decoration’ and ‘management’. A good match of lockset will be a ‘crowning touch’! 
    Ronrun is good at choosing various high-quality mechanical locks and intelligent locks according to clients’ brand style positioning, concerning about the security and fashion sense at the same time, and creating commercial showcases with the sense of modernity.

    Brand used : Hafele Germany, Concorde China

    Ronrun uses Hafele Germany, Concorde China and other famous mechanical lockset and electronic lockset, and we can also offer fingerprint lock or other intelligent lock according to clients’ requirements.

  • Guide Rail: Hettich Germany, Alishan Taiwan

    In showcase accessories, the importance of guide rail is only after the door hinge. Whether the drawers of the showcase can smoothly push and pull or not, how the weight capacity is and whether it will tip over or not is all supported by guide rail. Ronrun uses Hattich Germany, Alishan Taiwan and other famous brands of guide rail, making your showcase more durable and making push and pull smoothly and silently.

    More Durable, Silent Push and Pull

    Good guide rail has little resistance, no noise, smooth push and pull. Not only it has a long service life, but also it will directly influence the consumption experience of customers. In the elements of affecting the quality of guide rail, the quality of steel is also one of the top requirements. Guide rails with different specifications have different thickness and weight capacity. A high-quality 0.6m wide showcase drawer uses only 3mm thick guide rail steel, but the weight capacity can be 40kg to 50kg.