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What Does RONRUN Mean?
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Ronrun is located in Guangzhou, the global capital of customization. It was established in 2000 and has more than 24 years of experience in luxury retail space construction. Provide professional and high-quality services for well-known luxury brands at domestic and abroad for a long time. RONRUN, is not only a space designer and builder, but also a marketing expert, can predictably and deeply solve a whole range of questions from brands, space design to reality. So far, RONRUN has served more than 78 countries and regions around the world. You can find RONRUN works in the world famous shopping malls, Chinese airports and duty free stores.

Ronrun has a 20,000 square meters digital production base, more than 200 professional technicians, and a professional decoration team, which that our clients' project progress can be responded quickly, professionally and systematically.

Part of RONRUN's Certifications: Guangdong High-Tech Enterprise
The ISO Systems Certifications
   ISO9001 Quality Management Systems
   ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems
   ISO45001 Occupational Health And Safety Management Systems
AAA-level Contract-Abiding And Trustworthy Enterprise
AAA-level Credit Enterprise
China Ecolablling Products
China Environmental Labeling Products
Green Environmental Promotion Products
Guangdong Province Pollutant Discharge Permit
Qualification Certificate for Professional Contracting of Architectural Decoration Engineering

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What Does RONRUN Mean?

RON(融): Blend
We listen carefully to different voices in the world, communicate deeply with each other, exchange, discuss, analyze and integrate different views, perspectives, different cultures, different arts, different aesthetics, different theories, and create with our partners Integrate the historical experience and wisdom of human beings.

RUN(润): Nourish
Through the process of in-depth communication and integration, more constructive and creative solutions have been created, and more valuable results have been achieved, benefiting all participants and nourishing all participants and the public.

RONRUN Service Concept of Moistening Things Silently

The service concept of moistening things silently has shaped the working character of RONRUN.
Serve customers with meticulous, silent, and efficient work spirit. No flamboyance and bravado.

RONRUN's Values

Sunshine and positive are our basic values.

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RONRUN Culture: See RONRUN, See Smiles

We are so happy to accept our current selves and face every encounter with smiles. It is sunny and positive. We firmly believe in the power of kindness. Every smile is an expression of our kindness. We bravely and continuously Express our kindness to the world, and call on everyone to join us in showing kindness and smiles to the world. Let the world have more smiles and happiness because of us.

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