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Travel around the Middle East
Source:Ronrun    Date:May31,2023    Click on:488


In the early summer of May, the Ronrun team embarked on a journey to the Middle East with the core theme of "Seeing Ronrun, Seeing Smiles, and Walking Hand in Hand towards the Future". During the 18-day trip, the Ronrun team visited both new and old clients. Face to face with the clients, store by store, detail by detail, scene by scene, we conducted in-depth observations, communication, discussions. Throughout the journey spanning over 10,000 kilometers, including a drive of over 1,000 kilometers across Saudi Arabia, we gained a deeper understanding of the consumer culture, consumption scenes, consumption habits, and consumption behaviors of consumers from different countries and regions.

On the front line, we listened to the store managers, staff, and sales personnel face to face. We discussed their needs regarding lighting, locks, display props, as well as the requirements for maintenance and cleaning. We also communicated with designers about the use of lighting, the relationship between lighting and scenes, the design aesthetics of lighting in displays, the intelligent application of lighting scenes, and the pros and cons of using different materials and textures.

Through in-depth communication, exchange, discussion, and integration of different perspectives, cultures, arts, and aesthetics, we gained a more comprehensive understanding of the world and different partners. In the process of integration, we created more constructive and innovative solutions. We showcased the professional image and cultural influence of Chinese high-end manufacturing in international brands.

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