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World’s largest duty-free complex opens in Hainan
Source:Ronrun    Date:Oct28,2022    Click on:1178

Today at 9am local time, the magnificent CDF Haikou International Duty Free Shopping Complex in Hainan opened to the world. The development features the world's biggest duty free shopping complex.

The opening was graced by senior Hainan government and Party Committee officials and senior executives from China Tourism Group, including Feng Fei, Governor of Hainan Province; Mao Wanchun, Chairman of the Hainan Provincial Political Consultative Conference; Shen Danyang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor; and Luo Zengbin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Haikou Municipal Party Committee.

The significance of the opening is reflected in expansive coverage by powerful state media titles China Daily, Global Times and also forbes.

The stores in charge of Ronrun, in this largest duty-free complex project, cover jewelry, watches, tabacco and wine, luxury boutiques, beauty, electronics, snacks, and toys. These stores have huge differences in brand style, decorative materials, and production process,  and opened collectively at the same time, which put forward higher requirements for RONRUN in project management, supply chain management and collaborative work within the company.

Ronrun established a special team at the initial stage of the project, assigned senior technical team consultants,  and set up on-site office. Under the premise of ensuring quality, quantity and safety, RONRUN properly resolved the logistics, scheduling, and on-site construction affected by the epidemic. Meanwhile also emphasizes matters such as safe construction, operation specifications, cooperation and coordination. We ensure that various tasks are reasonably arranged and managed, related problems are solved in a timely manner. Although the time is tight and the task is heavy, We RONRUN team faced the difficulties and united as one, aiming to deliver according to the "FANTASTIC PROJECT", and completed the delivery within the predetermined time, which has been well received and appreciated by all parties.

As the stalwart of luxury grade non-standard super customization, in the past 22 years, RONRUN has adhered to the original intention, made production more refined with a scientific, rigorous and extreme attitude, provided the most satisfactory service to each customer, and made customers smile when they talked about RONRUN.

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