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Sanya Atlantis: Where Water Meets Wonder
Source:Ronrun    Date:Mar02,2022    Click on:1318

Location:Sanya, China

area:  11,600 sq.ft


Hainan Sanya Atlantis Hotel for the seven-star resort hotel, its program designed by the HOK completed.

During the preliminary consultation and later deepening process, the project gradually incorporates internationally renowned design teams such as JBI, MWH, ARUP for interior design, kitchen consultants, audio-visual systems, flood lighting, landscape design, and life-sustaining equipment.

The hotel is currently managed by Kerzner International Holdings. As a seven-star hotel, it has unique architectural features that are different from ordinary star-rated hotels. Sanya Atlantis Hotel takes the ocean as its theme and takes the prehistoric Atlantis civilization as its model.

On the basis of maintaining the style of major brands, the design of Sanya Atlantis duty-free shop extracts design elements from the rhythm of water and ocean. It not only perfectly integrates the design style of Sanya Atlantis, but also fully demonstrates the uniqueness of the brand itself.

Sanya Atlantis Hotel is located in Haitang Bay, the national coast, covering an area of 540,000 square meters. The resort is jointly built by more than 80 internationally renowned architecture and design institutions. The design style integrates Eastern and Western cultures and Sanya local culture. It is a tourism complex that integrates eight business types, including resort hotels, entertainment, catering, SHOPPING, performing arts, property, international exhibitions and characteristic marine cultural experiences. Interested to expanding your brands in Sanya Duty Free shops and even China? Just write to RONRUN.

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