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Franck Muller
Source:Ronrun    Date:Jun28,2021    Click on:3131

Location:Hongkong, China

area:  1600 sq.ft


Franck Muller, a Swiss manufacturer of advanced watches, has opened a new concept boutique in Hong Kong. Located on Queen's Road Central, it is a bustling commercial and leisure activity center. The new 150sqm boutique is adjacent to famous institutions, first-class international luxury brands and hotels. Concept boutique adheres to the design aesthetics of brand pioneer and exquiste watchmaking concept, and strives to lead the guests to explore the world of advanced watches. 

As a pioneer in the field of complex functions, Franck Muller enjoys a world-famous reputation for its creative talents and superb tabulation skills. In the new concept store, the iconic elements of Franck Muller are always carried out to create an elegant atmosphere of comfort and luxury. The representative Arabic Numeral "8" opens the golden door and invites guests to embark on a fantastic journey in the field of time. 

When you enter the store and look up, you can see Franck Muller's groundbreaking Tourbillon chandelier, inspired by the brand's original Giga Tourbillon watch. The huge Tourbillon structure coocupies half of the dial, and the design is impressive. 

The dark marble digital wall is also attracting attention. The digital design is based on the Vanguard series. The strong visual effect presents a bold style and deonstrates the unruly avant-garde spirit of the brand. 

The VIP area presents an elegant design that blends classic and modern, with blue-green color as the main tone and wooden retaining wall, creating a quiet and soothing overall atmosphere, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the art of Franck Muller time in their exclusive private space.

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