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Project Name: Kyllonen

Project Address: Shanghai Moonlight Plaza

Project Time: November,2020

Project Content: Showcase productionspace design, showcase production, space decoration

Project Introduction: Kyllonen is a high-end jewelry brand from the United States. Since its establishment in 2015, Kyllonen has deeply developed in the fields of pearls and diamonds, and then expanded to the design of colorful jewel. As a brand Kyllonen is part of a significant landmark in the development strategy of Shanghai city and the project is Kyllonen's second physical store in Shanghai, located in Moonlight Plaza in centre of Shanghai.

RonRun was invited to customize the showcase for Kyllonen's new opening store in Shanghai. All parallel showcase in the store use the wave pattern on the surface which are from the same board, and the lines are carved by the CNC engraving machine, so that the lines of showcase side by side are smooth, natural and integrated. Over the years, RonRun has served lots of luxury brands, giving us rich experience in the requirements of high quality.

We are pleased to have cooperation with Kyllonen to help them with their new project. and we hope to provide help for more brand owners.


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▼Factory Production

▼Field Installation

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