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Showroom in the hive
Source:Ronrun    Date:Nov16,2020    Click on:1383

Project area:200㎡
Project Add:Guangzhou
Project Time:October 2020
Project content:space design, showcase production, space decoration

This project is located in the Gaode Land · Autumn office building in the center of Guangzhou, with an area of about 200 sqm. The client is a company involved in the field of fashion luxury goods, with the concept of providing inclusive life for urban consumers. This time, Ronrun was invited to design a display space inside the company. The display space includes jewelry area, fine watch area, fragrance area, bag clothing area, health food area, and VIP lounge. Knowing that customers have a wide variety of products and need more display space and display methods, how to save materials and space for customers is a major focus of the designer's consideration.

Bees are outstanding architects in nature. People marvel at the superb construction skills of bees. The hexagonal honeycombs they build have a stable and beautiful structure, consume less materials, and have a large capacity. The principle of honeycomb construction is to use the least materials to create the largest space. Based on this principle, the designer takes inspiration from the honeycomb, imitating the hexagonal honeycomb shape constructed by worker bees with beeswax, and uses modular and flexible assembly methods to give it the environmentally friendly and flexible effect of saving material space and being free to match. The stability and beauty of the hexagon make the theme of the whole project more prominent. Lots of framed sceneries and beautiful light and shadow create rich spatial levels and depth of field.

For this project, Ronrun is responsible for space design, showcase production and on-site fit-out.


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▼Factory Production

▼Field Installation

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