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Ronrun: Crazy-sold Chinese showcases, business-required influencer
Source:Ronrun    Date:Oct20,2020    Click on:2014

When the pace of Double Eleven is getting faster and faster, domestic merchants, in order to make bachelors and bachelorette suffer others’ public display of affection, are fully prepared. In addition to e-commerce, offline Jewelry shops, cosmetics shops, boutiques, flower shops, restaurants and so on are all extremely popular. There is nothing more popular in advance than the ‘Chinese display cabinet’, which is known as the business-must influencer.  Among them, the showcases produced by Ronrun, one of the few well-known display cabinet manufacturers in the world, are the best among Chinese display cabinets. In order to carry out special sales at the "Double Eleven" exhibition in every year, the demand for Ronrun display cabinets among offline stores across the country has grown rapidly.

According to the introduction of the jewelry staff, the new jewelry launched this year are all sold in display cabinets with different prices and different styles, which not only allows consumers to achieve their wish to stop being single in the ‘Double Eleven’, but also to give a surprise for their other half. A lot of preparations have been made for this year’s sales. Two new stores have been opened in advance and merchants have paid much attention to the decoration. In addition, a large number of jewelry display cabinets are specially customized in order to attract more consumers. The display cabinets that carry jewelry are particularly exquisite and need to be specially designed and customized. The purpose is not only to set off the jewelry, but also to decorate the jewelry commercial space, which therefore can touch the hearts of consumers, attract customers to consume, allow them to enjoy a noble experience and have a sense of satisfaction.

With the upcoming‘Double Eleven’, most offline cosmetics stores and boutiques has already begun their warm-up activities, making their stores extremely lively. Consumers have done a lot of homework to inquire about and purchase ‘gifts’ in physical stores. With the surge of shoppers, a booking mode in some stores has already begun among a large number of shoppers in front of display cabinets. The functions of display cabinets have begun to show. Display cabinets with different styles show their own fashion trends, romance, elegance, luxury and nobility in terms of materials, crafts, shapes, and culture. The unique "affinity" captures young people with the different consumption concepts. Whether it is demand or function, whether it is quality or shape, the ‘business-must influencer’ is highly regarded by merchants, no matter in its demands, functions, quality or shape.

In the ‘Double Eleven’, young consumers are much crazier than in the traditional temples. Some shopaholic netizens even comment that they would do whatever it takes to purchase. The daily flower shops and restaurants are designed as dreamlike in space. Hundreds of flowers bloomed on the display racks in the flower shop, and there are hundreds of wine on the cabinet. The ‘business-must influencer’ are bright and transparent, making them gorgeous, comfortable and naturally friendly under the bright lights.

In the prelude of ‘Double Eleven’ when products with Chinese brands are popular, the promotion pace is getting faster and faster. The Ronrun display cabinet, known as the ‘merchants-must influencer’, plays an important role in the market with its quality. The advantages of boutique products are shown in front of people through high-level spatial visual integration, which greatly attracts people to experience quality services. For the audience with active demands during‘Double Eleven’ period, Ronrun systematically solves all the problems of users, so that everyone can save time, effort, money, and worry. This is undoubtedly a major good news for all people in the festival of shopping.

Therefore, Ronrun strives for manufacturing Chinese exquisite showcases, supports the life of Chinese showcases through creation, continuously promotes the development of the society through innovation and tries to receive worldwide recognition. For this reason, Ronrun is worthy of the reputation of ‘merchants-must influencer’.
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