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With the Spring Breeze of Canton Fair, Ronrun Showcase Continues to Develop Overseas Market
Source:Ronrun    Date:Mar06,2017    Click on:3039

Recently, the 121st China Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter ‘Canton Fair’) has been held in Pazhou, Guangzhou. The canton Fair this year has totally set up 60,219 booths, enterprises from over 210 countries and areas attending this ceremony, including up to 24,718 domestic and overseas enterprises. As the largest and oldest integrated international trade event with the biggest group of merchants and investors, the Canton Fair is treated as a ‘compass’ and a ‘barometer’ for observing the trend of foreign trade.



Guangzhou Ronrun Showcase Manufacture Co.,Ltd (aka ‘Ronrun’) has 17-year experience in mall design and showcase manufacture so far, offering professional and high-qualified service of commercial space design and showcase manufacture for foreign clients in a long term. During these years, lots of luxury brands and personal stores has already established perfect cooperation relationship with us, especially high-end luxury shopping malls, airports, museums, etc. The scope of our business has spread to different countries and areas all over the world.

Ronrun offers both creative image design and design with deepness, providing systematic solutions through project techniques, materials, performances, cost control, transportation safety, comprehensive evaluation and project management. Based on the research and analysis of products, customer positioning and consuming behaviors, Ronrun is able to make a commercial retail environment with a strong visual impact and appeal through space layouts, color composition, lighting and product display, in order to improve the sales and the entering rates.


Ronrun has an independent design studio and a 10,000 m2 large factory, equipped with expressed vertical whole industry chains including wood workshop, hardware workshop, glass workshop, paint workshop, stone workshop, acrylic workshop, etc. Our production technology involves: wood, steel, stainless steel, paint, organic products, glass, stone, etc.

Since 60 years ago, the Canton Fair has become an important platform for Chinese enterprises to walk into the world and merge into the global economy. Ronrun Showcase, serving global clients for 17 years, will always provide professional high qualified and best-matched service for clients from various industries.


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