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Passing on for 20 years, Rongrun showcase has become the light of jewelry stores!
Source:Ronrun    Date:Sep19,2020    Click on:2523

Many Chinese brands start from workshops, and their names are also derived from product attributes such as the showcase brand Rongrun which annually produces thousands of showcases and has served the world for 20 years. Li, manager of Ronrun, said, Rongrun, also as a retail space design brand, is now 20 years old. Its smiling spirit and product quality are most important as they determine the company's long-term and stable development."

The global public health crisis in 2020 has had significant impact on the world's jewelry business, causing many shops closed. However, the situations in jewelry industry during World War II were much more severe, compared to the epidemic in 2020. For instance, in spite of establishing in 1893 in Pforzheim, a ‘Golden City’ with more than 200 years of gold jewelry making history in Germany, Wellendroff were not immune to the World War II as almost the whole Pforzheim was in ruins. Fortunately, Wellendroff gradually got back on track by rebuilding itself after the war. Similar to Wellendroff, three of nine exhibition rooms in the German Green Dome Treasure Hall were bombed and destroyed during the World War II , which had taken almost a hundred year to repair after the invasion. Like many jewelry stores (such as Wellendroff and Treasure Hall), Rongrun showcase does not yield to the epidemic. In  the crisis, Ronrun discovers an opportunity: designing the an exhibition hall and showcase display for an old customer. By doing so, Rorun hopes the exhibition hall could bring lights to the company.

One of the netizens from Microblog once asked whether a top craftsman could create a hall as exquisite as the museum. Ronrun’ s answer for this question actually lies in jewelry showrooms, particularly in showcases. The jewelry showcases in the exhibition hall are made by hand elaborately as the glass and the showcase are tightly and seamlessly combined. After it, both chips and guild rails are assembled. Here, Li, manager of Ronrun, sincerely but mysteriously claims that the chips, being the core of Ronrun showcases, give souls for the jewelry.

Emphasizing the accumulation of long-term market experience, Ronrun has already served more than 70 regions or countries around the world and has rich experience in how to construct business space to improve market sales and brand images. Like story-telling, the scenario design of the exhibition hall is able to slowly penetrate into people’ s hearts and souls. Only in this way, can people experience the meaning of jewelry.

When passing on and inheriting the smile spirit emphasized by Ronrun, there is no better opportunity than allowing customers to experience in person to communicate with our ideas. The natural, elegant, high-end, perfect-pursing and energetic life attitudes advocated by Ronrun’ s commercialization, art design and humanistic care indicate that only craftsmen who truly favorite and firmly agree with Ronrun ideas and voluntarily stay in can create satisfied works.

As the only brand in jewelry exhibition with 20 years in China, the original aspiration and values guided by Ronrun’ s smile spirit are the cores of the brand. Ronrun resolutely believe that it produces the best jewelry exhibition, with which the happiest and most important moment of people can be accompanied and witnessed. Such Ronrun value and meaning remain unchanged from 2000 to 2020.

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