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Trends of Jewelry Sales 2020
Source:Ronrun    Date:Sep05,2020    Click on:2109

The Covid-19 pandemic, as the largest grey rhino event ever experienced, has directly led the world economy into a cliff-like recession, and the jewelry industry has suffered an unprecedented hit. Counterless jewelers and Chinese showcase suppliers joined a growing list of bankruptcies during the coronavirus pandemic.

As vaccine research and development enters the clinical testing stage, the global economy, especially the real economy, is gradually recovering.

Taking Signet Jewelers as an example, the reopening proportion of physical stores has increased from about 20% at the end of May, to 75% at the end of June, and 90% in mid-July. Same store sales also achieved positive growth at the end of Q2. Same store sales in early August increased by 10.6% (Q2 report).

The turnover data of Ronrun Showcase also reflects this trends. Up to now, their domestic business has returned to its usual level and global business has returned over 70%.

These give us reason to believe that the jewelry industry will usher in the biggest outbreak in the upcoming Black Friday and Christmas season.

As a display system supplier for the world's top jewelers, Ronrun Showcase Master has not given up R&D even in this terrible period. As a feedback, the first 100 jewelers who contact Ronrun Showcase Master will get a special COVID-19 discount.

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