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Latest News! The "Great Hong Kong Jewellery Shop Robbery" snatched gold worth Million Hong Kong Dollars
Source:Ronrun    Date:Aug28,2020    Click on:2719
According to media reports, at 9 o'clock on the 25th, two men in black and caps entered the gold shop with hammers and knives. After smashing the glass counter and snatching 2 to 4 plates of gold jewelry, they fled by a private car.

The police had blocked the area and launched investigation, but didn't find any whereabouts of the robbers. The CCTV record showed that the display windows of the store was instantly broken by the robbers, and the floor was covered with broken glass from the showcase counters.

There have also been many cases of hammer gangs robbing jewelry stores in other countries.

Some careful netizens questioned, since the glass of these display cases is so easy to be broken, can they protect the jewelry? Is there a showcase that can prevent snatching?

The answer is yes. Guangzhou Rongrun Showcase Master has a series of anti-theft jewelry showcases. Once, an U.S. customer claimed to challenge the anti-theft jewelry display cabinet made by Rongrun Showcase Master. He smashed it hundreds of times with a big hammer. Although the glass on the counter was full of cracks, but it was still not broken. The result made this customer "self-doubt"! The certification officer can only declare that he has failed the challenge.

Ronrun Showcase Master Anti-Theft jewelry showcase made of special materials. The display counter is transparent and safe, and the local police station interconnection system is integrated inside the cabinets. When a robbery occurs, the system will automatically call the local police to provide safer display and storage solutions for jewelers. At present, Rongrun Showcase Master already has patent certificates for all related technologies and components. In fact, this anti-robbing showcase series have been sold to countries and regions with high frequency of robbery, and have been acclaimed by jeweler customers.

The three lines of defense are more important than you think!

As a jeweler, the foremost consideration is to ensure the safety of the jewelry store besides sales. But many store operators only consider their immediate interests and ignore safety precautions. Failure to implement the preventive measures in time to eliminate potential safety hazards. It often led to huge losses, once a robbery case occurs.

The reason of jewelry store are repeatedly robbed is the value of goods in stores is much higher than that of other industries and easier to attract criminals' attention.

It may cause huge property losses if the prevention is not in place. Therefore, we need to achieve not only the first line of defense composed of security personnel and the second line of defense composed of technology, but also the third line of defense composed of display counters.

Rongrun Showcase Master Anti-Theft showcases help you improve the second and third lines of defense for your jewelry stores.

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