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Xiuxiang Tea
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Project Name: Xiuxiang Tea

Project address: Shenzhen China

Project area: 400 sqm

Project time: May 2019

Cultivating with tea and sharing naturally is the brand concept of Xiuxiang Tea.

Xiuxiang tea, located in Shenzhen, is a brand dedicated to making tea and upholding the spirit of artisans.

The whole space takes the traditional courtyard as the design direction. In the space of repairing and enjoying tea, there are various pavilions. Put tea in a higher position than daily life, treat seriously, let tea have a sense of ceremony, is the atmosphere created by this case.
The design concept of Xiuxiang tea maintains a sense of ritual and respects life. With this respect, Rong Run and Xiu Xiang tea reached a cooperation, xiu Xiang tea showcase and furniture production more carefully. The customer's choice to us is the trust to the rong Run.

When the client is concerned about the approaching opening time, our project leader immediately meets with the designer and the factory's production leader to develop the production plan. The factory is in full swing manufacturing, the project leader between the company and the factory back and forth. In exchange for the tense and orderly progress of the project, the order finally caught up with the customer before the opening successfully completed. Everything is worthwhile, xiu Xiang tea customers to our professional, professional and feel praise.

Be responsible to the customer, solve the customer's trouble, the customer's praise to us, is the best return to us.

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