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Ronrun: To Promote Sales, A Philosophy in Shop Design
Source:Ronrun    Date:May09,2017    Click on:3095

Modern commercial space is super precious, so how to properly use the limited space in store means a lot. A great commercial space design is a very important breakthrough. A perfect store planning and interior space design can not only use every inch of space efficiently and show products scientifically, but also create a nice consumer experience, in order to maximize the sales.

Generally, store planning and interior design should mark the location, size, permanent booth and temporary booth in every divided area. However, in reality, according to the characteristics and features of products, combining with the psychology and behaviors of target customers, we should do the design of humanization and budget of display. Following is a brief introduction of 5 common space planning for store in commercial space design: 

1.Linear’ space planning for store

‘Linear’ is the most common space planning for store in daily life. As a classic space planning design, it is very popular in almost all types of retail shops because of its structural integrity and its simpleness. This kind of design can take full advantage of the configuration of wall and lighting, creating some semi-detached small spaces and fully showing the diversity and the connotation of products in store. In the respect of space utilization, it is a very highly efficient way of planning. However, at the same time, its tradition and lack of creativity is also criticized by clients.

2.‘Diagonal’ space planning for store

As to personalized retail brands, ‘diagonal’ design is a good mode of space planning, especially in optional shop. This mode can efficiently ‘stagger’ customer visual angle in different areas through diagonal, maximizing the effect of ‘visual expansion’ and promoting the comfort and freedom for consumers. Meanwhile, it can also facilitate communication between customers and cashiers. In the respect of marketing, this kind of display is also a new attractive way to lead customers looking around the store.

3.‘Arc’ space planning for store

‘Arc’ space planning for store is suitable for retail brand which is focus on individuation, especially the display of various high-end brands. The streamline design would make a comfortable space for customers in order to fully demonstrate all products, which can create more sales opportunities However, at the same time, using this kind of space planning, merchants should prepare that lighting and the steamline wall would increase the cost of display.

4.‘Geometric’ space planning for store

The interior space planning of geometric style shop has been used more and more often so far, not only avoiding the unitarity of former 3 modes, but also having practicability and creativity, especially used by garments stores and boutiques. In this type of mode, the shelves and lights we use is under a reasonable low budget, creating a funny and remarkable shop. What we should pay attention to is that the space planning design cannot be too ‘close’.

5.‘Mixed’ space planning for store

Mixed design, compromising linear, diagonal, arc and other elements together, make a most practical shop space; however, the beauty of the shop is hard to deal with during the process of design. A great ‘mixed’ space planning for store can create a wonderful consuming visual experience, use the space efficiently and promote the sales. This type of mode would lead people forward the wall and the back of store, which is not benefit to the product marketing. Working to the strength of design and minimizing the weakness is the thing should be focus on.

A great commercial space design not only has ability to use space with high efficiency in order to show the connotation and characteristic of brand, but also helps to promote sales of business. Ronrun, 17-year experience in commercial space design and showcase manufacture, emphasizes visual marketing and comprehensive research of commercial space in a long term, and it also has rich experience in how retail space construction help to promote sales. We hope those statements above would afford some help to your store construction and marketing.

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