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Source:Ronrun    Date:Jul19,2020    Click on:1430
Project Name: Baowangfu Xi'an SEG International Kiosk
Project address: Xi'an China
Project area: 32 sqm
Project time: January 2020

Baowangfu's brand mission is to inherit ancient Chinese handmade gold craftsmanship. To create hand-crafted gold wares of ancient Chinese royal methods with "handed down value".
This project is located in the jewelry area on the first floor of Xi'an SEG International Shopping Center. The brand hopes to design the kiosk as a mode for consumers to enter the store. The design needs to be differentiated from the surrounding shops, presenting the image of the modern and inherited Baowangfu.
As the largest high-end shopping mall in Xi'an, SEG International received an average daily reception volume of 178,000 people in 2018, and more than 60 million visitors throughout the year. At that time, the opening plan of Baowangfu in SEG International was urgent.

As a strategic partner of Baowangfu ancient gold, we came up with a complete project plan after analyzing the existing conditions and the environment of the shopping mall. From space design to factory production to on-site installation, every step was closely carried out. With RonRun's years of experience in commercial space, the project was finally completed within the planned time. Helping the brand with professional ability, then we gained the recognition and trust from the brand, every cooperation undoubtedly enhances the friendship between RonRun and Baowangfu ancient gold.

▼Space Design

▼Factory Production

▼Field Installation

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