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Brand: Lighthouse

Add: Guangzhou, China

Area: 120sqm

Time: Dec, 2019

Lighthouse is a customized jewelry brand focusing on emotional jewelry with temperature. Founded in 2015, lighthouse has been exploring the experiences of aret and beauty in nature and poetry. 

During these years, Lighthouse has developed a jewelry leisure club, hopinig to bring the new with the old, to show and interpret the brand style with modern and clearer design language. 

Ronrun took nature as the design concept, discovered the beauty of nature, and deduced vigorous vitality of the nature in light of design techniques. We hope that their own light will be bloomed for every customer who customizes jewelry in Lighthouse. 

Ronrun was in charged of space design, showcase productioin, soft fitting and installation on site for Lighthouse. 

▼Space Design

▼Factory Production

▼Field Installation

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