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HARY Jewelry
Source:Ronrun    Date:Jul14,2020    Click on:1893

Project time:2020

Project location:Xiamen

Project area:40 ㎡

Project type:space design, showcase production, space decoration

Project introduction:HARY is positioned as a luxury jewelry brand. With the perception of beauty and life insight, HARY advocates jewelry as a supporting role, returning the protagonist's light to the individual, expressing the self-expression of women with the pure beauty of the individual.
RR Master Showcase combines the in-depth exploration of beauty and the image that the brand hopes to convey to consumers. It takes "smart-vitality" as the design theme, mint green as the main color, and golden stainless steel. Deliberately unassuming concept. I am very pleased that the customer has affirmed RR Master Showcase's design ability and confirmed the design plan in a short time.

After the intense and orderly production of RR Master Showcase's own factory, under strict quality control, it was completed one day earlier than the scheduled date. I can't help but praise the mature management system of the factory and the professionalism of the workers. In the subsequent transportation and on-site installation process, the close communication between RR Master Showcase and HARY ensured the smooth completion of the delivery. We are very happy to be able to cooperate with a high-quality new jewelry brand like HARY, and we are honored to provide assistance in the construction of high-quality domestic jewelry brands.

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▼Field Installation

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