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Ronrun Showcase: Labor Day Holiday, How to Do Festival Marketing?
Source:Ronrun    Date:Apr29,2017    Click on:2905

First of all, preparing in advance and defining festival marketing goals are very important. Preparedness ensures success, unpreparedness spells failure! What we should pay attention to is that festival marketing is a systematic programme, which must be well-prepared in daily life. It will be in a mess if we do the last-minute preparations. So, it is significant to do the research of festival marketing in advance and make plans. Based on this, a clear sales target should be defined from the reality. According to the differences of products and service, accurately analyzing different demands of customers in various festivals, tendency for products and psychology and behaviors of festival consumption make a quantifiable quota, which can reach the purpose of test, control and plan. For example, the festival consumption of Labor Day holiday is totally different from Spring Festival holiday. Spring Festival shopping is focus on traditional items which should be ‘festive’ and ‘affordable’. Customers prefer relax and entertaining spiritual satisfaction during Labor Day holiday. Obviously, the key point of marketing publicity and specific goals should be varied.


Then, catching the features of the festival and compromising with hot issues in society can help to extrude the promotion subject. As promotions during festivals, what is very important is trying best to make a new sense for customers and create a happy and relax shopping atmosphere. In general, the theme of promotion event should satisfy 3 requirements: first, impact makes customer impressed; second, attraction makes interests; third, simple slogan makes pretty impressive. Then, it is a good choice to integrate the hot issues in society now with the promotion event. For example, a glass store makes a promotion slogan “In the name of people, 20% off in Labor Day”, in the background of the hot drama “In The Name Of People”, which catches customers’ first eye.



Finally, use "Price war" strategy and scientific promotion plan appropriately and flexibly. Although Labor Day holiday is obviously a recreational festival, customers having special demand of spiritual consumption (businesses should increase the percentage of recreational activities in the promotion event), it is also very important to use "Price war" strategy appropriately and flexibly during the competitive holiday market. Be aware that the price war doesn’t mean simply slash prices, and it is better to have some tricks in discount, considering later sales plan at the same time in order to prepare later sales. During the festival, there are lots of methods to do promotion sales, such as live show, small gifts, discounts, prize draw. The way of promotion sales should be decided according to the details. Single or mixed price war strategy can be launched for different products or services.

Labor Day holiday, another climax of holiday economics is coming. Are you ready? Ronrun Showcase, 17-year professional experience in retail space construction and showcase manufacture, focus on the research of customer behavior psychology and marketing is well-experienced in how to promote the product sales. We hope that all advice above will help you in Labor Day holiday sales. Have a nice holiday!


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