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How To Distinguish the Pros and Cons of A Jewelry Showcase
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Three Steps to Distinguish the Pros and Cons of Jewellery Showcase Display

The Showcase is one of the most important in a jewellery store design. It affects the temperament and grade of the brand and storefront. A good jewellery showcase can not only fulfill the mission of jewelry display but also greatly enhance the brand and store image. What are the basic conditions for a good showcase? RonRun will teach you how to distinguish jewelry showcase in three steps below.
Step 1: Observe, smell, lift and knock

Showcase material is very important, solid wood is the most Eco-friendly and practical.

Discrimination method 1: Observe the texture, High-quality wood have natural tone and the grain is clear and tight.

Method 2: Smell, solid wood usually has a very clear smell of wood, however, fake wood would have a very strong smell of formaldehyde.

Method 3: Knock at the surfaces. Solid wood would have a crisp sound, artificial wood would have a deep tone.

Method 4: Lift up. Solid wood is very heavy, so you can lift up the showcase to feel the weight.

Step 2: Observe the edge finish
Showcase edge finish can directly reflect the pros and cons of the manufacturer's manufacturing level. Generally speaking, due to the limited of large-scale machinery, the edge finish from a professional showcase manufacturer will be more tidy and firm than a family workshop, which can avoid the damage to the showcase due to the long-term cooling and heat damage.

Step 3: Hardware accessories
Quality of the accessories materials reflects the quality of the entire showcase to some extent. High-quality hardware accessories, such as locks, guide rails and etc., can be perfectly combined with the showcase bodies and doors. They are flexible in showcase daily use, noiseless and not easily deformed.

In RonRun, not only the above conditions are doing well but also extremely stringent regulatory requirements for selection of wood finishes, glass, lighting fixtures, light distribution for showcases and etc. which is derived from the accumulation in the showcase industry over the past 18 years.

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