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RONRUN Selected as "SiShang Enterprise"
Source:Ronrun    Date:Jan08,2024    Click on:1634

RONRUN has been honored to be selected as Guangzhou "SiShang Enterprise". 

"SiShang Enterprise" refers to four categories of large-scale enterprises, including industrial enterprises, construction enterprises with qualification levels, large-scale batch retail and catering enterprises, and nationally recognized key service enterprises. These "SiShang Enterprises" are the driving force behind economic development, a source of fiscal revenue, the primary means of job creation, and a major contributor to improving residents' income. They are also a key data source for the national economic accounting foundation.

RONRUN's selection as a "SiShang Enterprise" is not only a recognition of our past work and services but also an acknowledgment of our continuous commitment to social responsibility and our mission. We will continue to look to the future and provide our customers with better products and more professional services. Our goal is to grow and strengthen our business while making a significant contribution to local economic development, employment, and improving people's livelihoods.

At RONRUN, we believe in pursuing higher social value. For us, social value and responsibility are what give meaning to our existence and growth. As an industry leader, we understand that corporate social responsibility is not about merely following the crowd but about pioneering change. RONRUN is committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility with a heightened sense of duty and mission, actively contributing to sustainable development.

Ronrun is located in Guangzhou, the global capital of customization. It was established in 2000 and has more than 24 years of experience in luxury retail space construction. Provide professional and high-quality services for well-known luxury brands at domestic and abroad for a long time. RONRUN, is not only a space designer and builder, but also a marketing expert, can predictably and deeply solve a whole range of questions from brands, space design to reality. So far, RONRUN has served more than 78 countries and regions around the world. You can find RONRUN works in the world famous shopping malls, Chinese airports and duty free stores.

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