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Jewellery & Gem World
Source:Ronrun    Date:Sep20,2023    Click on:2365

In September this year, the global jewelry exhibition extravaganza, Jewelry and Gem World (JGW), is making a powerful comeback for the first time since 2019. This prestigious event has brought together over 3,000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and regions. They are showcasing their dazzling jewelry and gemstone products within over 40 group pavilions and themed halls. Additionally, several industry leaders who have received the "Extraordinary 40" awards will share their insights, promising an eagerly anticipated experience for buyers.

As a brand that places a strong emphasis on design aesthetics within commercial spaces, RONRUN Showcase is poised to make a grand appearance at the 2023 Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair, offering visitors a glimpse of the craftsmanship and creativity that define the RONRUN brand.

Exhibition Details:

  • Date: September 20 - 24, 2023
  • Booth Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (Expo Center) 5G224

Hailing from China and renowned globally, the RONRUN Showcase brand sees its participation in this exhibition as an opportunity to showcase its strength. Since the year 2000, when we introduced the concept of "Chinese high-end intelligent manufacturing" to the world, we have been providing specialized high-quality services to renowned luxury brands, jewelry makers, museums, and clients from various industries worldwide. To date, we have served clients in more than 70 countries and regions.

Throughout our journey, RONRUN Showcase has upheld the brand culture of "Seeing RONRUN, Seeing Smiles."

We joyfully embrace our current selves, welcoming every encounter with a smile. We firmly believe that the power of goodwill lies in every smile, and each smile is an expression of our kindness. We courageously and consistently share our goodwill with the world. We call on everyone to join us in presenting kindness to the world and displaying our smiles. Let the world be enriched with our smiles, adding more warmth and positivity to our Smiles Alliance—a global partnership and call for smiles.

RONRUN Showcase has always been attuned to international trends and has been a bold innovator in the commercial furnishing sector. Through in-depth communication, dialogue, discussion, and discernment with our clients, we integrate different viewpoints, perspectives, cultures, arts, and aesthetics. This holistic understanding of the world and our diverse partners has enabled us to create more constructive and creative solutions. We aim to showcase the professionalism and cultural influence of Chinese high-end manufacturing on the international stage. We warmly invite everyone to visit us at the exhibition in Hong Kong.

Ronrun is located in Guangzhou, the global capital of customization. It was established in 2000 and has more than 24 years of experience in luxury retail space construction. Provide professional and high-quality services for well-known luxury brands at domestic and abroad for a long time. RONRUN, is not only a space designer and builder, but also a marketing expert, can predictably and deeply solve a whole range of questions from brands, space design to reality. So far, RONRUN has served more than 78 countries and regions around the world. You can find RONRUN works in the world famous shopping malls, Chinese airports and duty free stores.

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