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The "Blue Mystery"
Source:Ronrun    Date:Jul26,2023    Click on:655

Mediterranean Sea not just an important trade center, also the cradle of Western Greek, Roman, Persian and Christian civilization since ancient times. It is a typical representative of countries along the Mediterranean Sea in Western Europe, with strong Mediterranean cultural customs and regional characteristics, and a long history of humanities. A romantic story that makes people yearn for it.

Mediterranean architectural culture is the source of inspiration in this case, we perfectly combine its culture in showroom, to creating a Mediterranean style of ocean blue, making it full of mystery. This jewelry showroom became one of the most successful works in local luxury.

jewelry kiosk design

The penetration of space and the extension of vision are one of the elements of Mediterranean style, and the jewelry showroom of Crystal Palace is the geometry of artistic creation, whether it is the blue element of the space or the flow of light and shadow of the jewelry in the display case, it interprets the beauty of the exhibits and exudes special feelings.

The sparkling diamonds and exquisite crystals have become art itself, with both fashion and beauty, which can always make people involuntarily stop and admire and linger.

jewelry showcase design

Space traces back to art history, it is the warmth of The Life of Adele, the healing of Our Little Sister, and the loneliness of The Legend of 1900. A blue journey from the sky to the sea, jewelry showcases look for the blue of life in the universe against the light.

Ronrun presents the space in a unique way, from the coast of the Mediterranean, carrying the beauty and characteristics of blue elements, arriving at the secluded and rustic Crystal Palace Hall, make passionate story behind every piece of jewelry, surrounded by infinite blue.

jewelry showcase

Ronrun Super Customization’s popularity keep raising from 2000 to present. This year, our brand has been completely renewed, so that we can move forward steadily.

Today's Ronrun has entered the stage of full-speed operation, as a traveler who has insisted on the innovation of stainless steel technology for 23 years, we have never stopped the pace of innovation and continuous technological innovation.

Ronrun is located in Guangzhou, the global capital of customization. It was established in 2000 and has more than 24 years of experience in luxury retail space construction. Provide professional and high-quality services for well-known luxury brands at domestic and abroad for a long time. RONRUN, is not only a space designer and builder, but also a marketing expert, can predictably and deeply solve a whole range of questions from brands, space design to reality. So far, RONRUN has served more than 78 countries and regions around the world. You can find RONRUN works in the world famous shopping malls, Chinese airports and duty free stores.

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