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DE BEERS Jewelry
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Location:Doha, Qatar

YearApr, 2021

Qatar is located on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf in western Asia. Doha is a famous port along the Persian Gulf, the capital and largest city of Qatar, and is also the location of this project.

Since its establishment in 1888, De Beers has become synonymous with diamonds. De Beers Jewelry has the most professional right to speak for high-quality diamonds. De Beers Jewelry introduced the 4C standard for consumers in 1939, and its brand slogan "Diamonds are forever, and a diamond is forever" is well-known worldwide. Currently, De Beers Jewelry has 31 specialty stores in 15 countries and regions around the world.

This project is located in a well-known local luxury shopping mall in Doha. It is the 32nd store opened by De Beers Jewelry in 15 regions and countries around the world, and it is also the first store opened by De Beers Jewelry in Qatar. Rongrun has cooperated with De Beers in Doha for this purpose.
The De Beers jewelry store is impressive with its iconic etched glass. On the exquisite and transparent glass window, etched horizontally and vertically staggered white silk threads, forming a looming curtain. Behind the glass window with white lines, diamonds exude a faint light, which is fascinating. Behind this beautiful work is the result of dozens of days of work by Rongrun's team. The client has high-level and strict standards for the production process. During the production of the project, our team carried out this work with a serious and rigorous attitude. Each window in the store needs to be composed of 4 pieces of glass. The height of each piece of glass is slightly different. Each line must be kept on the same horizontal line. The value between them needs to be accurately calculated and the error is controlled. 0.5mm, otherwise, there will be problems during the installation process, resulting in the obsolescence of materials and the delay of the construction period. In the cooperative cooperation of our team members and repeated confirmation of the construction drawings, in the end, our team successfully completed the project.

Guangzhou and Doha are located in the east and west of Asia respectively. The distance between the two cities is very long, more than 7,000 kilometers, but the distance does not affect the closeness of our cooperation. In the future, we will also maintain Long-term cooperative relationship.


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