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A Showroom for Bags
Source:Ronrun    Date:May17,2021    Click on:1650

Location:Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

area:  186

Year:  Mar, 2021

Light is contained in the building, just like music captured by the musical instrument. Light is the source of everything in the world, which outlines the shape of all objects for us. On the boundary between light and darkness, the individual becomes clear and acquires entity.

This project is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It is a showroom with an area of 186 square meters, completed in March, 2021.

The whole space is divided into two parts, an office part for daily use, and a bag showroom part as the main one. The front and right sides of the showroom are all floor-to-ceiling glass windows. With natural light passing through the glass and intercepted by the space, the space becomes warm and rich in layers. The scenery outside the window reflects on the wall, embarking on a journey of chasing the seasons.

The showroom part is divided into material area, handicraft area, exhibition area, photography area, and VIP reception room. However, there is no obvious wall as the partition in the space, and the division is not conspicuous. It makes an experience of unintentional displaying and uninterrupted browsing. The showcase cabinets are made by flame-retardant materials to strengthen the safety guarantee.

In this case, Ronrun is in charge of the space design, showcase production, and on-site decoration.


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