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Gangming Watch
Source:Ronrun    Date:Mar08,2021    Click on:689

Year: 2017

City: Guangzhou


Area: 30㎡


Guangzhou Gangming, it is an agent of famous watch brands in China. The product has a wide coverage and covers groups of different ages and incomes. The current consumption patterns are offline and online. Through the analysis of the two types of short boards, online purchases are dazzling, they cannot be touched, and it is difficult to distinguish the goods. It is difficult to identify the products under the line and it is difficult to find the desired products. Anonymity calls for creating an ultimate user experience in a 35m2 space. We have proposed a "time park" as a design theme that allows time and joy to be combined to give the public a whole new experience in watch shopping. The project is proposed by Rongrun Showcase & Zhurun Decoration with showcase construction and decoration construction. The project has been awarded the 2017 New Year's Retail Innovation Award in 2017 for the IEBE Awards. The award was awarded by the Guangdong Provincial Online Association, the IEBE International Trade Fair Panel Committee and March 2018.

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▼Factory Production

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