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Mandalay Shopping Mall in Myanmar
Source:Ronrun    Date:Dec18,2016    Click on:921

Project Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Project Area: 3000sqm
Project Time: 2016

Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar, is the economic, cultural and transportation centre in midlands. In order to build a Mandalay jewelry trade mall, they chose Ronsi Advertising to overall design and implement. This case was an overall plan for 3rd floor covering 3000 square meters of Mandalay Shopping Mall on June, 2016. We took charge in design, showcase manufacture and decoration. The whole 3rd floor was planned to be a jewelry shopping mall, located in centre business district of Mandalay. Party A requested to uniform style to facilitate the standardized management. Therefore, Ronsi designed showcase that meet local environment and produce them at the group’s Ronrun showcase factory. Meanwhile, we were proceeding construction to shorten the period.


▼Space Design

▼Field Installation

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