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JINXIN Jewelry
Source:Ronrun    Date:Oct05,2020    Click on:1109

Project time:September 2017

Project location:Luoyang Henan

Project area:60㎡

Project type:space design, showcase production, space decoration

Project introduction:Jinxin jewelry is a brand owned by Henan Jinxin International Jewelry Co., Ltd. 
Located in a large shopping mall in Luoyang, Henan, Jinxin jewelry store is run through the offline experience sales model. It focuses on creating distinctive services and differentiated business models. Targeting mid- and high-end consumers, Jinxin jewelry creates extraordinary space design in the shopping mall in which many competitors are. Apart from providing outstanding space design, Ronrun also rapidly produces high-quality showcases, construct the store and install showcases. With its innovative showcases and special displays, Jinxin jewelry breaks the original design images of chain stores, leaving a deep brand impression on customers and attracting them.

▼Space Design

▼Real Scene

▼Factory Production

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